Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Volunteer Service in Capitol Reef National Park

Hey everyone! Looks like we have an opportunity for service at Capitol Reef. If anyone is interested, see the contact number below!

Renee Van Buren, Professor
Department of Biology
Director, Capitol Reef Field Station
Utah Valley University
800 West University Parkway
Orem, Utah 84058-5999

National Parks Conservation Association
Volunteer Service in Capitol Reef National Park

September 26, 2009 (National Public Lands Day)

The NPCA is seeking up to 20 volunteers to help with Russian olive and tamarisk removal along the Fremont River corridor on September 26, 2009, National Public Lands Day, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Capitol Reef National Park has been working for several years to control the exotic invasive species of Russian olive and tamarisk along the Fremont River and Highway 24 corridor within the park.

The project entails cutting Russian olive and tamarisk down to 6” – 12” high stumps. The stumps are then treated with herbicide. Large trees, and clumps of larger stems, will be cut by Park personnel using chainsaws. Smaller stems will be cut by the volunteers using hand tools (loppers and hand saws).

Branches and stems will be dragged short distances for either piling or chipping.
Volunteers will not have to apply herbicides; however, all volunteers will be working near where herbicide is being applied and will be able to smell the citrus-based oil with which the herbicide is mixed.

Some or all of the cut stems may be chipped. If that is the case, the Park will provide a chipper operator who will supervise any volunteers working around the chipper.

A safety overview and discussion will be conducted by Park personnel prior to commencing work. During the project all volunteers and Park staff are expected to maintain a high level of safety awareness for themselves and everyone working around them. Park staff will have first aid kits on-site, and will have radio communication with central dispatch.
The Park will provide all tools and equipment needed to perform the control work, including loppers, hand saws, and spray bottles.

If some of the volunteers are willing to assist with the herbicide application, rubber gloves will be provided for that task. Orange safety vests will be provided for work along roadsides. Hardhats and ear protection will be provided for any volunteers who assist the chainsaw or chipper operators.

Each volunteer is required to provide the following:
Sturdy work boots
Long work pants
Long-sleeve work shirt (recommended)
Leather work gloves
Eye protection (glasses, sunglasses, or safety goggles/glasses)
Drinking water (minimum of 3 quarts)

For questions or to sign up for this project, please contact Aitana de la Jara at Capitol Reef National Park. Her e-mail address is
and her phone number is 435-425-3791, ext. 101.

This notice is being distributed by FVGA as a courtesy to NPCA. Please do not contact FVGA regarding this project.